Monday, October 08, 2012

For the Cubs... for Gary Fouse... for Common Ground

There's not much I agree on with Gary Fouse. He often writes like one of the last unreconstructed Orange County, California conservatives, updated to the 21st century. (One of the updates is Gary adores Jews and will do anything to support Israel, the exact opposite of traditional American conservatism. Fifty years ago, only liberals and socialists accepted Jews or supported Israel.)

But one thing we agree on is the Chicago Cubs. We're both Cubs fans, me from the midwest, Gary from California. There are other teams between Lake Michigan and the Pacific Ocean we could support... but we love the Cubs.

I had a chance to take these pictures from the southbound Red Line train, just before and after it pulled into the Addison Street "El" station. (That's elevated for all you University of California - Santa Cruz community studies majors.)

Wrigley Field is one of the last stadiums where you can watch the game from the roof tops of the surrounding neighborhood.

Its a little known fact that the hypothetical curse upon the Cubs some 100 years or so ago had a corollary, a way out. Think of this in terms of how it would have sounded circa 1910.

"The Cubs will win the World Series when a black man is twice elected President of the United States." See how things change? It's gonna happen...